Season Passes

Vacation Races is excited to offer Season Passes and a Build Your Own Series option.

Hooray for discounts!

Season Pass holders will save some money and they only have to register once!

If you choose to build your own series, you will still need to register for each race you want to include in your series. We’ll send you codes to register.

There are 4 options to register:
Option 1: Both a shirt and a medal (reporting required)
Option 2: Only a shirt for each race
Option 3: Only a medal for each race (reporting required)
Option 4: Race entry only, no shirt and no medal

Registration for all virtual races will earn you a $5 discount per race.
Registration for each complete series will earn you a $3 discount per race.
Build your own series 10 races and 6 races will provide a discount of $3 or $5 respectively.

All Season Pass holders will be eligible for awards and random drawings like everyone else.


*If you are already registered for the a virtual race but would like a season pass, please email to get instructions on what to do.