About Us

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In 2012, Vacation Races was started when we launched the Zion Half Marathon. Since then we have launched 7 more National Park half marathons across the country. These races are a little pricey, but we do our best to make it worthwhile through quality medals, race shirts, beautiful design, and top-notch race operations. While these race happen on the borders of the parks, we have selected our courses to be incredibly beautiful.

In 2013, we started toying with the virtual race concept. We liked the idea of offering a low cost running experience to help alleviate some of heavy financial burden of destination races. We quickly launched our first virtual race, the 2013 Turkey Trot. We learned a lot from that first virtual race and found many participants love the flexibility of running in a virtual race.

In 2014, we decided to launch a whole 6 race series of virtual races connecting dates that we valued as a company. They were Earth Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, NPS Birthday, Thanksgiving & New Years. The 6 races in our 2014 virtual series had over 1500 participants.

In 2015, we are super excited to continue to offer more virtual races to help motivate people all over the world to keep running all year long.

As a company we take our customer input very seriously. If you have anything to tell us, good or bad, we want to hear to make sure we offer the best experience possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.