Charities We Support

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Each race will have a designated charity partner. A portion of your registration fees (usually between$3-$5) will be donated directly to the charity depending o how many participants register for the race. We will cover all the processing fees. These are considered pass-through donations so they are not tax deductible. We will have a direct link to each charity if you wish to donate more.

The charities we support that we have lined up so far are listed below. If you have a charity and wish to become a beneficiary, please contact us.

[table caption=”2015 Complete Virtual Race Calendar” width=”500″ colwidth=”250|100″ colalign=”center|center” style=”font-size:15px”]

Martin Luther King Jr Day,TBD
Valentines Day,TBD
President’s Day Weekend,TBD
Chinese New Year,TBD
Pi Day,EngineerGirl
St Patricks Day,Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
End of Winter,National Park Foundation
Easter,Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
MLB Opening Day,Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Earth Day,National Park Foundation
Cinco de Cuatro,National Park Foundation
Cinco de Mayo,National Park Foundation
Nurses Day, St. Jude Children’s Research
Summer Solstice,National Park Foundation
Freedom Run,National Park Foundation
NPS Birthday,National Park Foundation
RMNP 100th Anniversary,Rocky Mountain National Park
Public Lands Day,National Park Foundation
Veterans Day,TBD
Resolution Run,TBD