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What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a running event where there are hundreds or even thousands of participants, but the location and/or date of the race is chosen by the participant rather than the race director.

Do I have to get a shirt and a medal?

Nope. When you register, you can opt out of receiving a shirt or a medal and save some money.

Why do people register for virtual races?

When we talk to our runners about virtual races, 3 words come up over and over.






With our virtual races we provide enough structure to help your still feel like its race day. Many of our runners have reported feeling the same butterflies and nervousness that they experience at traditional races. However, within the structure we provide, there is a tremendous amount of flexibility in where and when you run.

Many runners use these virtual races as a benchmark, where they run each race on the same course over the year, but try to improve their time. Others don’t know where they will be on many of these holidays, so having a virtual race to hold them accountable means they will be running no matter where they end up.

Because virtual races don’t have the heavy burden of race day logistics, we can keep prices much more affordable while maintaining an extremely high quality level in our shirts and medals. If you think our medals are not worth running for, we think you will change your mind once you see them.