Festivus – December 23, 2015

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Among the many things we can thank the Seinfeld Show for, Festivus is certainly up there as the best.

Are you ready for your own airing of grievances? Register Here!

One of the great things about a virtual race is that you can run them anywhere.

You have 24 hours to complete the race from 12:01am on race day until Midnight. Your run must be completed and reported before Midnight to be eligible for the medal and prizes.

[table caption=”Important Dates” width=”600″ colwidth=”70|530″ colalign=”right|left” style=”font-size:15px”]

12/1,Last day to register to get your shirt by race day (US only)
Note:,If you register after 12/1 your shirt will arrive about 2 weeks following the race
12/19,Last day register to receive your personalized bib
12/22,Digital race bib will be emailed to those who registered before 12/21
12/23,Day of the race—You will have 1 day to complete the race and report your time. You must report your time before Midnight on race day
note:,Medals ship about 5 weeks following races
1/18-2/7,Expect delivery of your medal and any prizes


festivus medal_front

Graphic representation of Festivus race shirt
We’re working with our shirt people to make this shirt a reality! You’ve gotta have this one! Keep in mind that the graphics printed on the shirt may appear smaller the larger your shirt is. This representation is what it will look like on a small shirt.

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