Freedom Run – July 4, 2016

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Thank you very much for your interest in our Freedom Run 5K/10K! We do not have the specifics yet for this race for 2016, but below you’ll find out more about the race we ran in 2015.

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Lovers of Freedom Around the World: This race is for you!

If you enjoy freedom, sign up now for the 2015 Freedom Run Virtual 5K/10K! We want to help you celebrate and have created this special 5K/10K Virtual Race just for you!

Challenge your friends and colleagues to sign up for Freedom Run Virtual 5K/10K. There’s something powerful about running “with” your friends wherever they are. Start training now!

What you get with a full registration:

  • Quality Cotton/Poly Shirt
  • Race Guide
  • Personalized Race Bib that you can print at home
  • Virtual support of friends, fellow runners and Vacation Races
  • Quality Medal and Ribbon
  • The chance to win prizes and awards (upload pics to Twitter, Instagram and/or our Facebook page with #FreedomRunVR for better chances of winning
  • Pride and Motivation to train

[table caption=”Important Dates” width=”600″ colwidth=”80|520″ colalign=”right|left” style=”font-size:15px”]

June 11,Last Day to register to guarantee your chosen shirt size
June 18,Last day to register to guarantee your shirt will arrive before race day
July 2,Last day register  to receive your personalized bib
July 4,Day of the race—You have 24 hours to complete the race from 12:01am until Midnight. Your run must be completed and reported before Midnight to be eligible for the medal and prizes.
July 20-August 10,Expect delivery of your medal and any prizes


Click here to view the race guide for #FreedomRunVRrace guide

Freedom Run 2015 Medal
Freedom Run T-shirt
Freedom Run 2015 Ladies Shirt
Freedom Run 2015 Mens Shirt
Freedom Run 2015 Mens Shirt
#FreedomRunVR Sample Race Bib

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