Pi Day – March 14, 2016

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Thank you very much for your interest in our Pi Day Virtual Race. We do not have the specifics yet for the Pi Day Race for 2016, but below you’ll find out more about the race we ran in 2015.

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Pi Day Virtual 5K/10K Medal Front and Back

Pi Day 5K/10K Shirts
Pi Day 5K/10K Shirts


Pi Day Virtual 5K/10K Child Shirt
Pi Day Virtual 5K/10K Child Shirt

Now you can have your pi and eat it too! Pi Day is a special day that anyone can celebrate. It’s not a coincidence that a 5K is 3.1 miles and Pi is 3.1… We know you can’t wait to earn you medal. Don’t forget to register today to reserve your spot. Then run  3.14 miles once or twice on 3-14. (5K is 3.1 miles, 10K is 6.2… see what we did there? (We think we’re funny)). Register Here and don’t forget to challenge all your friends. #PiDayVR Deadlines:

  • Sunday, March 1: Last day to register to ensure you’ll receive your preferred shirt size.
  • Thursday, March 5: Last day to register to ensure you’ll receive your shirt before the race.
  •  Saturday, March 14 – Day of the Race: You have 24 hours to complete the race from 12:01am until Midnight. Your run must be completed and reported before Midnight to be eligible for the medal and prizes.
  • April 1-15: Expect arrival of your medal!

One of the great things about a virtual race is that you can run them anywhere. Challenge your friends and register early. Be sure to follow along with us on our Facebook page.