Vacation Races Virtual Races

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We have made some changes to the Vacation Races series of virtual races this year. Most of these dates are aligned with fee free days at any of the 401 National Parks throughout the country. Some of the dates have already passed (sorry!) but we are working hard to make all the upcoming dates available. Additionally, we are finalizing most of the artwork, but race dates and other critical dates are listed below so you can start planning.

[table caption=”2015 Vacation Races Virtual Races” width=”650″ colwidth=”260|100|100|100|100″ colalign=”center|center|center|center|center” style=”font-size:15px”]

Race, Shirt Size DL, Shirt Arrival DL, Race Date, Race Link
Martin Luther King Jr Day*,Dec 26,Jan 9,Jan 19,Coming 2016
Presidents Day Weekend*,Jan 26,Feb 6,Feb 14-16,Coming 2016
End of Winter,Mar 3,Mar 11,Mar 20,Register
Earth Day,Mar 31,Apr 10,Apr 22,Register
Summer Solstice,May 31,Jun 12,Jun 21,Register
NPS Birthday*,Aug 2,Aug 14,Aug 25,Register
Public Lands Day*,Sep 5,Sept 16,Sep 26,Register
Veterans Day*,Oct 18,October 31,Nov 11,Register

*National Park Fee Free Days

  • Registration must be completed by the Shirt Size DL to guarantee your shirt size
  • Registration must be complete by Shirt Arrival DL to guarantee the arrival of your shirt before race day