What is a Virtual Race?

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A virtual race is a running event where there are hundreds or even thousands of participants, but the location and/or date of the race is chosen by the participant rather than the event company.

When an athlete signs up for a running event, they usually do for a specific reason. Some register with pressure from friends, family or their running club. Others are looking for a sense of accomplishment, or they might need motivation to get out and train. There are runners who love the thrill of running with a large group of others. We have found that almost half of the participants in our National Park Half Marathon Series, use our races as an excuse to visit one or more of the National Parks on their “bucket list”.

Virtual races are a low cost way to accomplish many of these things, but without the stress and logistical hassle that comes with traditional races. Now you can become the race director and choose when and where you want to run. The best part is that you still get a sense of community through social media platforms. Our virtual races have allowed participants from all over the world to “run together” in a virtual sense. Technology allows community interaction, without demanding that we all be in the same place at the same time.

Virtual Races provide runners the opportunity to participate in an awesome race event from wherever they are!


We created the video below to help runners better understand what a virtual race is and how it works.